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  • Posted August 15, 2016

We are back!

Greetings everyone. SlapLap is back on Google Play, but sadly we had to submit another App, because Google is maintaining the suspension of our previous App. We have since replaced the images on our homepage and on Google Play, as they were allegedly responsibe for this removal! We do not seem to share Googles assessment on explicit Content, but whatever the case, we have to, and will comply with Googles wishes. That however means, that users who have previously purchased the App will not receive an automatic Update! Theoretically they would have to buy the App again. BUT we care about our Users and have therefore created a special form for you. You can enter the Order-No. of the previous App and receive the new Version free of charge. Should you decide that you do not want this new App, you can also request a refund and we will gladly return the money for it! For more Information check out this Page:

Click here to request a refund or upgrade

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  • Posted August 10, 2016

Google Play Store suspension

We are sorry to say that Slaplab was suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it allegedly violated the sexually explicit content policy. We are currently in the process of appealing this claim and will continue to improve the App. It might happen, that Google will not reinstate the App. In which case we would have to, as Google states, republish the App under a new Name. We are very sorry for the hassle that Google has forced upon you and us.

Note: Everyone who has already bought the currently blocked Version of the App will be elligable to receive the new Version of the App for free or to get a refund if they wish.

Please check back after a few Days for more Updates and on how to receive your new copy of the App if it should come to that.