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General Questions

We looked at a bunch of other BDSM, Punishments/Reward, and Karma Sutra apps and we did not actually find anything we liked. Some had some interesting ideas but had a really bad design, some others were too static and did not allow to add things which made them increadibly limited. That is why he have tried to create an app that combines all of this into a single app, thus SlapLab was born.

Naturally we wanted to implement the Features we felt all the other apps were missing:

  • A simple and sleek design that works!
  • A possibility to secure the app with a PIN so no one else can snoop on you!
  • Adding your own Actions and Positions, because how should the Developer know what you want.
  • Positions can be vanila, bondage, shibari, restraints and whatever else you want to add. Its your choice!
  • You can create your own Categories to group items together
  • The possibility to assign every toy, position, action, etc. with an image!
  • A Regulation feature (black-book) that allows you to define Regulations and keep track of violations
  • Connections between the different items, so the app can deduce availability
  • A Preset API that allows for the connection with a Database full of Items!
  • A way to randomly add different aspects of the session to spice it up!
  • Limits that will automaticly exclude items from a specific Profile
  • A session history, so you can plan beforehand and recall the session on time
  • We wanted to numericly track how good or bad someone has been so we implemted Karma!
  • Karma will be deduced when a Rule is broken and can be spent for Punishments or Rewards

Note: Unlike some other apps SlapLab does not come with prefilled content/presets (As to why that is, see " Why is the app empty?").

We have seen many BDSM-Lovers who keep a physical Black-Book with them, to keep track of eventual mishaps. Why should you keep another physical Item with you, when you have your Phone with you anyway? The fact that you can secure SlapLab with a PIN also solves the problem of tampering with the list!

If you are an advanced user you may face the situation that you have lots of toys and it gets hard to keep track of them all. With SlapLab you can organize all your toys and create as many actions with them as you like.

With its preset API you can also connect SlapLab to another Service und use it to get inspiration from other users! See what they are trying out and look if that is something that you are willing to try out as well. (Note you will only see what other users actually share with that database service!)

In addition to that, you can use the randomizer to fill sessions with random rules, random positions and actions. We know that everyone is lazy in their heart, so you can simply generate a Session without thinking about what to do next, because SlapLab has got you covered!

No! If you decide to buy the premium version we will automaticly look for the free versions database and copy it over to the premium version before the first appstart, therefore all your items will still be there.

Note: You may deinstall the free version after installing premium. Should you remove the free version first, Android WILL DELETE YOUR DATABASE, so please be careful when removing the app!

Why are there no basic presets in this app and why do you have to create everything on your own?

Actually there are two main reasons for that. The first one being that we did not want to clutter the app with stuff that you do not own and are not willing to use anyway. SlapLab is a customized experience, meaning that you enter the toys that you have at your disposal, you enter the locations that you have access to and you enter the actions that you are willing to use. Would it really be benificial to you if we supplied you with 400 toys of which you barely own any, just so you would have to delete all that you do not want to use? We did not think so and that is why we did not implement presets.

But there is also a second reason why we did not supply even the most basic of items. It comes down to the "Google Play Policies". These "Restricted Content" Policies State that we may not promote sexually explicit content in the app itself including:

  • Depictions of sex acts or sexually suggestive poses.
  • Promotional images of sex toys.
  • Promoting sexually explicit user-generated content.
  • Content that depicts, describes, or encourages bestiality.
  • Apps that promote escort services or other services that may be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation.

We do realize that some other apps do have some questionable content in this regard, but these restrictions have just recently been tightened. As we already received a policy strike once for an image that was litteraly a clothed girl, that was taken from the Wikipedia Article of BDSM, we simply did not want to put the app at risk of being suspended by Google.

Now you know we do not ship the app with pre-existing content, but we have a far better solution to the Problem. You may have seen the word "Preset-API" floating around on this page. For more information on that check out "What is the Preset API"

The preset API is our solution to the problem that we did not want to ship loads of items that you are tediously deleting afterwards anyway!

So what is it actually? The Preset API is an Interface that allows you to connect SlapLab with another Service. If you are a developer, you can check out our API documentation to see how you can implement your service into SlapLab!

What does that mean? As a user you can use an "API URL" and an "API Token" from any service that has build an API for SlapLab and access any of their content directly from within SlapLab. You would be able to download Regulations, Rules, Toys, Positions and Actions, complete with Name, Description, Image and even the specific Karma and Action Values!

So I can download presets? Yes! You can browse the connected service from within SlapLab and choose items from their database that you would like to import into your SlapLab internal Database. The specific item will then be added without you having to enter any details for that item! The only thing that is left to you, would be to create the proper connections. In the case of toys, you would have to specify at what locations you do have this toy available and you can categorize it, if you want to do so. But these are Optional and for advanced Users!

How can I actually do that? First of all you have to find a service that supports our SlapLab API. We would love to link to the currently existing services right here on SlapLab. But as these services are external ones, Google Play sadly does not allow us to do so, but you can easily find them yourself Googling for it (Isn't that ironic). If you have found a service they will provide you with an "API URL" and an "API Token". If you have got those, you just open SlapLab, go to Settings --> Preset API, and enter these 2 Values. If you have successfully done so, you will receive a Notification. After that you will see a download symbol in any of the Content Sections that allow for presets, in which you can browse the services Database, filter them by category, order them in different ways, search them by name and finally download them onto your device!

Are there any services yet? Yes, we have already received Word of a few services that are currently either implementing the API or which have already finished doing so. As stated above, we sadly can not link to them here, but it should not be a problem finding them.

No you dont, but you do have to copy the database before destroying your old device. If you actually lost your old device, the database is probably also gone. If you are worried about that, you can make backups of you local database though.

The Database should reside on your SDCard, in the folder /Android/data/net.slaplap..../files/db. It is best to save the whole "db" folder. You can copy it to the same place on a new device to restore your database with all items, connections and images!

As we state in our privacy policy, we are collecting some analytics for app improvements and for our 3rd party adverstisers. Here is the outline:
  • We collect basic analytics to improve the app
  • 3rd parties like Google, collect data to serve ads and do their Play Store magic.
  • We will never collect any personal Information that could be used to identify you!
  • We will never have access to your database or any items you create!
  • We will never be able to look at any of your images, descriptions or settings!
  • We will never be able to know your PIN, so do keep it safe!
Note: SlapLab has an API Interface that can be used to exchange your items with another service! You can use this to upload specific items, to that service. Also note that this will never happen without your explicit permission and that we will display a seperate warning in our App to notify you about this!
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More Questions?

Should you have more Questions that we did not cover here or in our Help section, please feel free to contact us!